Unmanned store with in-app payment

Technological platform for unmanned trading

  • B-Pay app for scanning and paying for goods
  • Technology for autonomous trading
  • Smart refrigerators
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What is Briskly?

Briskly is the technology of the future at the service of retail. The core of our service is the B-Pay application, thanks to which customers scan product barcodes and pay for them directly on their smartphone. You can buy without a cashier at 11,000 points throughout Russia.

We also produce hardware solutions for the autonomous operation of stores, smart refrigerators and cafes: a module for connecting to a platform and a security system.

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With the Briskly platform, your store can sell 15% more and work twice as fast. No staff, no queues.
  • Serve twice as many clients in the same time, without expanding staff and retail space.

  • Increase revenue by 15% in 3 months, without the cost of cashiers, security, work around the clock.

  • Get a new sales channel. Know what the customer wants and convince him to spend more, faster and in your store.

Our products

B-Pay app

65 $ per month


Shopping without a cashier in stores.

Payment for goods in smart refrigerators.

Delivery from shops and cafes

Payment for fuel at a gas station without a cashier.


Self-service express checkout in the buyer's smartphone.

History of purchases.

Integration of assortment of goods.

Technical customer support.

Adding promotions and discounts.

Merchant's personal account.

Connect store
Micromarket Briskly

2100 $

What's included?


Briskly module for connecting to the platform.

Electronic lock.

Integration into the B-Pay app.

Micromarket pasting in B-Pay design.

Included: B-Pay app, - functionality of the selected tariff, 65 $ transactional fee per month.

If you already have a refrigerator, you can buy the Briskly Module for 1,300 $.

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What it is?

Shop without a cashier, no security, 24/7.

Opens and accepts payment via the B-Pay app.

What's included?

Technical equipment for your turnkey unmanned store.

Security system, surveillance cameras, sensors and doors.

B-Pay app - functionality of the selected tariff, 65 $ transactional fee per month.

Project application

What does the Briskly platform consist of?

B-Pay app

Mobile application with a scanning module for purchases without queues, the function of fast delivery and payment of fuel at gas stations without a cashier.

Store business cabinet

A platform for our partners to manage retail outlets.


A security system that monitors user authorization and the purchase process reports suspicious activity.

Briskly Module

Electronic module for managing the outlet that synchronizes it with the B-Pay app and the platform. Suitable for micromarkets and stores.

With Briskly, the future gets closer and moves to the smartphone.

B-Pay, pay without queues

Application for buying goods from your micromarket

Payment by card or Apple Pay

User downloads the app, entres the phone, binds the card - and that’s it! CRF check is available in the app or by email

Scan module

Use your standard barcodes – they will be added to our database taking into account pricing and discounts.

Technical support

Help users with the purchase, payment. Analyze complex cases with expired products.

How does B-Pay work?

Select a retail outlet

Outlets are shown in a list by geolocation or on a map

Add products

Scan the product barcode and it will be automatically added to the cart


Payment by linked card or Apple Pay is available

Embedded Marketing

Our smart algorythms analyze visitors' activity, behavior patterns and shopping profile equipping you with superior marketing strategy

Pioneered feature:
discounts and promotions
at the time of purchase.

Приложение B-Pay, касса в смартфоне

Security without protection

One of the key tasks of contactless shopping is to ensure the protection of our partners' goods.

On the Briskly platform, a customer behavior control system is used, which takes into account many parameters: the validity of the user's payment data, authorization at the point of sale, and actions performed by him. All data, together with a video recording of the session at the point of sale, are saved in the web-backoffice of the store

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