Come build the future of retail together with us!
Briskly creates IT products for retail on the verge of disruptive innovation.

We believe that retail has crossed the threshold of global changes. The processes of payment, production of goods and logistics are changing before our eyes.
  • The Briskly team is focused on offline trading. We create software solutions and devices that allow you to trade without staff.

    Briskly's mission is to help people bring closer a future in which people are doing more valuable things than waiting in queues.

    - are you tired of working at the desk;
    - do you want to see how the product comes to life in the hands of users;
    - your eyes are burning at the thought that he is solving a real problem.

    Then we will definitely work together.


If you haven't found a suitable one, write to We are almost always looking for people for these positions. And you can see the full list of vacancies on our page at
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Working conditions

Where are we? The main office of Briskly is located in Moscow in the Novospassky business district. Part of the team is working in a new coworking in St. Petersburg. We also have a factory in Vyborg, where they produce refrigerators, micromarkets, postamates, a product and you and other devices.
What will I like? In the Moscow office there are coffee machines, micromarkets with ready-made food, a kitchen, a chill zone and even a bar where we arrange Friday parties with cocktails from CMO. We also rejoice when you bring pets (usually they are dogs, but if you have a parrot - write, we will discuss).

If this is not enough, there is a Spar, a cafe, a noodle trailer, a falafel trailer, a pizzeria, a beauty salon, an ice cream stall, a bird feeder, an Institute of Russian Realistic Art, a hookah, a fitness club and a coffee shop on the territory of Novospassky.
What's on schedule? The head of the department is responsible for its effectiveness and sets the schedule. If you don't want to go to the office, you can negotiate with the manager about remote work or hybrid schedule. Although we prefer that employees go to the office, because only in live communication really great ideas are born.
It is important to remember that in Briskly you need to think about your comfort yourself. If you don't like the schedule, don't like where you were sent, tell me about it. The initiative is on your side. I will be happy to help!
Alexandra Yezhova
HR Director

What else is good about Briskly?

  • Here you can develop a new service or technology, and in a couple of weeks the first users will see it in the test and tell you personally what they liked and what needs to be improved.
  • Our customers are rich in reviews and chat rooms. 99% of them want to see how the cash register in a smartphone will work in a store near their home. And this is not just a figure — this is a real survey of buyers. And you influence their quality of life.
  • We have a very young team: about 150 people, whose average age is 28 years. Heads of departments are not spoiled by work in bureaucratic corporations, so all processes are arranged as simply and efficiently as possible.
  • A significant part of the tasks you need to set yourself independently, checking with the goals of the team. A startup is for highly organized people who can run at a fast pace together.