Briskly - платформа для торговли без персонала

We will connect urgent delivery for your store or cafe in 2 days

  • Online showcase of your products by reference and in the B-Pay app
  • Delivery by courier or taxi

Your own delivery
in two days

Let's connect to the app for ordering goods with an audience of 50,000 buyers. We will provide a link to your own online store. Major shipping partners are already built in!

How much does it cost?
Get your presentation now

  • Add your products to the B-Pay app
  • We will provide an audience of 50,000 people
  • We will accept orders and provide a link to the online showcase with the option of payment
  • We will deliver goods in 15-40minutes with the help of reliable partners

B-Pay is your own online store in the app.

Let's connect for free. Payment — % from transactions performed.

What does the process look like for a buyer?

  1. The client chooses a store or cafe
  2. Adds items to cart
  3. Pays by card or Apple Pay
  4. Point of sale collects delivery
  5. In 20 minutes, a courier arrives, picks up the order and takes it to the buyer
Приложение B-Pay

for quick shopping

Organize your turnkey delivery

  • Start your delivery
    in just 2 days

  • Free installation, integration and customization

  • Increase your business turnover through an additional sales channel

How does it work for a store or cafe?

Delivery of your goods in 15-40 minutes based on the Briskly platform.

24/7 delivery of prepaid purchases. Payment to Briskly account is possible once at the end of the month

Pedestrian couriers
  • Fixed shipping cost
  • Orders up to 5 kg and up to 80 cm

On average, a pedestrian courier arrives in 15-20 minutes, a driver in 7-10 minutes. The courier is immediately sent to the buyer.

  • Shipping cost is calculated automatically
  • Orders up to 20 kg and up to 180 cm

You can include payment for delivery entirely at the expense of the client, indicate a fixed cost or pay for delivery yourself.

  • Integration:

  • Delivery is carried out by:

Three options for working with Briskly delivery

The client pays 100% of the delivery himself
The client pays for delivery at a fixed cost, the rest is paid by the company
The company pays for delivery for the client 100%

To assemble an order, you will have the "CHEK-ER" app.

  • Your employee collects the order and marks it in the app
  • When the order is collected, the courier is notified and arrives to pick up the order
  • The employee gives the order to the courier
  • The courier takes the order to the client


Customers pre-order on the phone and pick up the dish at the dispensing area

  • The restaurant connects in 1 day
  • No additional equipment required to start
  • Saves customer time

The buyer can easily order food in the B-Pay app

Доставка еды из магазинов и кафе через приложение B-Pay от Брискли
  1. Choosing a shop

    Select a restaurant from the list, on the map or scan the QR code

  2. Product selection

    Add dishes that will be given to you at the counter or brought

  3. Payment

    Pay by card or Apple Pay. The check goes to the post office and to the OFD

Quick to buy, easy to pay

B-Pay, pay without queues

Application for buying goods from your micromarket

Payment by card or Apple Pay

User downloads the app, entres the phone, binds the card - and that’s it! CRF check is available in the app or by email

Scan module

Use your standard barcodes – they will be added to our database taking into account pricing and discounts.

Technical support

Help users with the purchase, payment. Analyze complex cases with expired products.


Where exactly does the employee place the order?

The order is formed in the CHEK-EP app, the employee can download it to his own or work phone.

What happens if one item has run out of an order? How to manage changes in the order content?

You can replace the product when assembling the order and agree on the replacement with the customer before the final payment of the order.

How does an employee receive an order notification?

A notification about a new order comes in a push-notification of the CHEK-ER app. Or an employee can monitor the appearance of a new order in the app itself.

How do I return payment to a customer?

If you have already confirmed the order and money was debited from the client, then the buyer can write to the technical support of the application. The support specialists will agree on the solution with you and return the money to the client for the order.

At what point is money debited from a client?

The money is debited after the final assembly of the order and approval of all possible changes in the composition with the client.

How do we know that the money has been debited from the client?

In the CHEK-ER app, the employee receives a notification that the money has been debited from the client. If the notification is not received, then the employee can contact the client and ask to bind a new card or replenish the account.

Still have questions?

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