Technological platform for unmanned trading

Partner Program

Build a new business with Briskly. Connect shops and restaurants to the app and get regular profit

  • With Briskly, stores and restaurants increase their income by 15% and serve twice as many customers
  • Customers pay for goods and order meals in the app. No queue, no staff, 24/7
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Партнёрская программа Briskly, франшиза B-Pay.

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Help restaurants and shops serve 2x more customers with the B-Pay app

How it works?

Briskly is a self-service platform for stores and restaurants that increases the number of orders by 30%, increases the average check by 15% and eliminates the need for customers to wait in lines.

This is possible using the B-Pay app, in which the point of sale organizes payment for goods and orders from a smartphone. The buyer scans the products or adds them from the menu and pays through the app.

The buyer selects a restaurant or store in the app
Scans products or selects dishes from the menu
Adds to cart and pays for the order

Average check growth by 15%, twice as many buyers

Point of Sale Benefit
  • The ability to pre-order increases the number of customers served by 30-50%
  • The electronic queue allows you to take 2 times more orders and work twice as fast
  • Customers don't leave because of long waiting times
  • Growth of the average check by 15% due to promotions and discounts in the application
  • Unloading cashier and waiters during rush hours
  • Traffic is growing due to informing the audience of the app in the new shop
Customer benefit
  • You no longer need to wait for a waiter and stand in line at the checkout
  • Payment by card or Apple Pay always works due to the acquiring built into the app
  • The order amount is immediately visible on the screen, taking into account discounts and promotions, which allows you to spend the entire planned budget
  • Order readiness information appears as a push notification
  • Always a positive customer experience without the human factor
Food courts at festivals

Help festivals, raves, open air and concerts get rid of queues.

Cafes, bars and restaurants

During a business lunch, on a busy day, at rush hour - Briskly will save you from a long wait.

Convenience stores

Eliminate queues at your store, supermarket or any retail outlet.

and event venues

Help organize service without waiters and queues.

No waiting. No queues. No mistakes

See the Briskly store map

Our service for the clients includes:

  • Acquiring
  • Online checkout with sending checks to the OFD and to the client
  • Marketing
  • Technical support
  • E-mail, Push notifications to users

Three steps to connect a sales outlet:

Registration of the institution in the partner account

Go to your office at and start your store, restaurant, cafe, food court as a new partner.

Filling out the questionnaire of the institution in the office

Fill in the partner's data - details, type of outlet, categories, products.

Launching an establishment in the B-Pay application

Fill in menu information, add information brochures to tables, brief staff on how B-Pay works

Become a partner

We provide partners

  • Product training
  • Cabinet on the Briskly platform for connecting retail outlets and tracking statistics
  • Promotional materials for effective sales
  • You adjust the cost of the connection fee so that you can make discounts

Still have questions?

Call our manager or receive a presentation to your email

With Briskly, the future gets closer and moves to the smartphone!

B-Pay, pay without queues

Application for buying goods from your micromarket

Payment by card or Apple Pay

User downloads the app, entres the phone, binds the card - and that’s it! CRF check is available in the app or by email

Scan module

Use your standard barcodes – they will be added to our database taking into account pricing and discounts.

Technical support

Help users with the purchase, payment. Analyze complex cases with expired products.

How does B-Pay work?

Select a retail outlet

Outlets are shown in a list by geolocation or on a map

Add products

Scan the product barcode and it will be automatically added to the cart


Payment by linked card or Apple Pay is available

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