Briskly - платформа для торговли без персонала

Micromarket Briskly
with your goods for 2100 $

  • Ready sales point for your goods;
  • Payments by card or through the mobile app;
  • Sale products under your brand logo
Details below
Умный холодильник от Briskly открывается через приложение B-Pay, магазин без кассира

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Smart fridges are a new way of delivering fresh, ready-made food to an office, business center, or any other place. You will get a ready-made refrigerating kiosk with a possibility of payment via the application with a network security for 2100 $.

Who prefer micromarkets for buisness?

Kitchen factories and manufacturers
of ready-made dishes

Grow your business, connect new distribution channels through micromarkets.

Restaurants and Cafes

Grow your network with the new format. Deliver fresh meals to offices and public institutions.


Invest in a clear and transparent niche with high returns. Minimum risks due to lack of staff.


Try yourself in a new field - we will provide you with all the necessary tools. Low entry threshold: 2100 $.

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Installation options

Additional modules:

Where to put a micromarket?

  • Fresh dishes
  • Lunches
  • Freezing
  • Beverages
  • Snacks
  • Non-food

How does it work?


Micromarket is put to the office, gym or any other place. 1 square. meter and A socket are required.

Fill the goods

The courier replenishes the fridge with fresh goods and picks up the leftoverse veryday. There is a special access for him via an app.

Transferring your profit

Once a day you get money for the sold goods to your company’s account. Acquiring is included in Briskly commission.

Our features

B-Pay app

  • Shows the nearest kiosk
  • Unlocks the refrigerator
  • Scans goods
  • Payment by card or Apple Pay
  • CRF check is available in the mail or in the application

Turnkey refrigerator

  • Lock control unit
  • Application and platform connection module
  • MXM refrigerator, Linnafrost or another manufacturer
  • Temperature and humidity sensors
  • Kiosk branding

Secure sales

  • Camera records all operations with the refrigerator
  • Doubtful operations are displayed in a special section
  • Users are identified by phone and card, optionally by passport
  • In case of fraud, money is debited from the linked card

CRM, analytics and marketing

  • Product matrix integration with 1C, iiko or manually (.xls, .csv)
  • Loyalty program: discounts, promotions, card binding
  • Sales reports and event logging
  • Calculation of profitability, popularity of goods
  • Suspicious transaction history
  • User Technical Support

Briskly Micromarket in numbers

Starting investment

Turnkey kit

Refrigerator, lock control unit, B-Pay application, surveillance camera and neural network, temperature and humidity sensors, kiosk branding.

Choose one of food supplier from our partners.


B-Pay App

Technical support, online checkout

$65 per month

Monthly Turnover

Placing a kiosk in the office of a company of 130 people or more


Payback period

Excluding logistics and freight costs

3 months

Net profit

Average value for one kiosk per month

from $500

Have any questions?

Call our manager or receive a presentation in the mail

Do not have your own food production?

Choose a trustworthy supplier from our partners

Still have questions?

Call our manager or receive a presentation to your email

With Briskly, the future gets closer and moves to the smartphone!

B-Pay, pay without queues

Application for buying goods from your micromarket

Payment by card or Apple Pay

User downloads the app, entres the phone, binds the card - and that’s it! CRF check is available in the app or by email

Scan module

Use your standard barcodes – they will be added to our database taking into account pricing and discounts.

Technical support

Help users with the purchase, payment. Analyze complex cases with expired products.

How does B-Pay work?

Select a retail outlet

Outlets are shown in a list by geolocation or on a map

Add products

Scan the product barcode and it will be automatically added to the cart


Payment by linked card or Apple Pay is available

Payment without application

An alternative way is to pay by card through the terminal

Installing a tablet with a terminal on a kiosk

The user registers in the system once and can pay by applying the card to the built-in terminal

This method reduces the time of interaction with the refrigerator to 30-60 seconds

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