Briskly Everywhere
Become dealers of innovations in Russia and around the world
We want the Briskly platform to be accessible to people all over the world. So that customers can pay for goods without queues, and retailers can quickly innovate.

Our goal is to find reliable dealers.
Then, retailers and food producers will be able to develop business on Briskly's autonomous equipment in all countries.
Fill out the form and get
the dealers' working conditions by e-mail.
  • Without contributions

    Briskly dealers sell a certain amount of equipment in half a year
  • On equal terms

    The final price of the equipment is the same for all dealers in the region
  • With the opportunity to become a distributor
    Dealers with the best sales volume can become exclusive distributors in the CIS and Europe
Our partners are ambassadors of innovation
and brand representatives in the region
Briskly Dealer's Roles
Dealers buy equipment at the Briskly Factory at a special price, and sell it at retail. The difference between the two amounts is the dealer's reward. To have a special price, it is necessary to sell a certain amount of equipment in half a year. See our catalog.
Our partners:
Roskholod Trading House
Federal distributor of Briskly Factory
Supplies of all models of refrigerator cabinets Briskly Factory
+7 800 200-31-30

Dealer of micromarkets throughout the territory of Russian Federation

+7 800 350-40-00
Simple Retail
Exclusive distributor of smart micromarkets and refrigerator cabinets in Kazakhstan
Shugla Group LLP
+7 771 755-55-74

Dealer of smart micromarkets and refrigerator cabinets in the Republic of Belarus
+375 (44) 763-80-12

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