Briskly Micromarket – Sell your goods in smart autonomous coolers. The price starts with € 4540

  • No staff. No queues
  • Payment via the app or POS-terminal
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Smart сooler is a new way to sell fresh food in public areas.

Briskly smart coolers are produced at our Factory near Finland Border, at Vyborg city.
This is Briskly Micromarket
Micromarket is the smallest type of retail where goods are sold without staff

In 2019 we got an idea to add a smart Module into the usual cooler to sell goods via our B-Pay App and pay for them via smartphone.
What to sell?
  • Food
  • Snacks
  • Drinks
  • All kind of goods
Where to sell?
  • Office
  • Business Centers
  • Fitness Clubs
  • Departure area
  • Universities
Our solutions

Where to start?

Make your own type of the micromarket choosing from the 54 types of our commercial equipment.

  • Installing the system
    in your refrigerator

    • Installing an electronic lock
    • Connecting to B-Pay
    • Product range integration
    • Temperature sensors
    • Surveillance camera
    • Briskly Module is the company's own development
    On demand
    Submit an application
  • Coffee point
    with refrigerator
    and coffee machine

    • Micromarket Briskly M5
    • Coffee machine with payment via the app
    • Wooden box with moisture-proof protection
    • Connecting to B-Pay
    • Electronic lock
    • Surveillance cameras
    On demand
    Submit an application
  • Coffee machine

    • Ordering drinks via the mobile app B-Pay
    • Setting up your assortment
    • Built-in acquiring
    • Customer technical support
    • Online platform for point of sale management
    • Mobile service maintenance
    On demand
    Submit an application
  • Freezer cabinet

    • Temperature range: -18 to -24
    • Integration with the accounting system
    • Electronic lock
    • Mobile Application B-Pay
    • Technical support
    • Acquiring
    • Surveillance camera
    6050 €
    Submit an application
  • Terminal 2.0 for
    card payment

    Additional terminal for payment without an app
    • Barcode scanner of goods
    • Accepting bank cards
    • Acquiring
    On demand
    Submit an application

How does it work?

  • 1. Choose the format
    1. Choose the format

    What kind of store will it be? I can be one micromarket or a coffee point with freezers and a smart coffee machine.

  • 2. Choose goods
    2. Choose goods

    You don't have to be a food producer. You can choose a third-party supplier who will take over the production. We will help you with the choice.

  • 3. Choose a location
    3. Choose a location

    Micromarket works better where potential customers are — for example, in business centers.

  • 4. Decide how to get payments
    4. Decide how to get payments

    Our customers buy products using the B-Pay app, but you can install a POS-terminal on the door.

  • 5. Sign the contract with Briskly
    5. Sign the contract with Briskly

    We will fill in the data about the legal entity to enable acquiring, determine the location and timing of installation, accept payment on the invoice and ship the micromarket.

  • 6. Launch it!
    6. Launch it!

    Micromarkets will be delivered to the specified address, and you will load the goods into it. We recommend you to promote the micromarket actively during the first days in order to attract future regular customers.

Any doubts?
Look, who has already succeeded:

  • Ayrat Kashapov in Kazan, Russia

    Quit his job and now expands his chain of micromarkets.

  • Ruslan Mukharyamov in Orenburg, Russia

    I made mistakes with the choice of goods and locations, but then I made the right decision and increased my income.

  • Micromarkets "Tasty Point” in Irkutsk

    Natalia Selenkova and Anna Loginova took a chance and tried a new business

  • Vladimir Kazantsev in Barnaul

    Vladimir sold the cleaning company and plunged headlong into autonomous trading

  • Chef Alexey Gulyakin in Surgut, Russia

    He closed the restaurant and opened a micromarket chain.

  • Anton Ulitin in St. Petersburg, Russia

    In the past - a gas station employee, and today - the owner of a network of 6 micromarkets

  • Green Box in St. Petersburg, Russia

    The chain of healthy food cafes has already put 60 micromarkets in the offices.

  • Azbuka Vkusa in Moscow

    Premium supermarket is trying a new format. Office workers are happy.

  • "Farm Microbots" "Klyuchevskoe" in Moscow

    Is it possible to sell farm products in micro markets? Need to!


Briskly Micromarket in numbers

  • Initial investments

    Micromarket, Briskly pasting, Lock control unit, Surveillance camera, Temperature sensors, Door opening sensors, Application connection B-Pay, personal account Briskly Business, product integration.

    4540 €
  • Turnover per month

    When placing a kiosk in the office of a company with a staff of 130 people or more.

    1550 €
  • Service commission Briskly

    The service includes: built-in acquiring, cloud checkout, sending checks to the OFD and the client, technical support, support for discounts and promo codes.

    As well as support for the Briskly Business personal account and the courier - CHECK-ER application.

    120 € per month
  • Payback period

    On average, it takes one month to find a location and launch.

    from 3 months
  • Net profit

    What is the possible income? It all depends on the location and the margin on the assortment.

    600 €

No queues. No staff. Safe.

Briskly is an autonomous retail technology provider. We produce low-cost micromarkets – small safe autonomous retail stores, – where customers buy goods through mobile app or a POS-terminal. A customer opens the door via app, scans the barcode of a product and pays with a bank card. Retailers also use our app in the supermarkets to launch cheap self-checkout.

3 countries
Where we
are presented
1 000 000
1 500+
sold to date
Winners of the contest
VISA Everywhere Initiative 2018
Winners of United Nations Contest
"Good Food For All"
Holders of the
security certificate

New shopping experience

The process is based on a smartphone. Our self-checkout app B-Pay combines the functions of a barcode scanner and a payment terminal.

B-Pay App shows the micromarket on map, unlocks the door, allows you to pay via card or Apple/Google Pay and apply discounts and promotions. The receipt is available in profile.

  1. Unlock the cooler by scanning the QR code on the door.
  2. Scan the barcode of goods.
  3. Pay with the bank card or use Apple/Google Pay.


  • Сamera records all operations in the micromarket
  • Suspicious transactions are seen in the business dashboard
  • Users are identified by phone and card
  • In case of a fraud, money is withdrawn from the card at the request of the owner of the micromarket
  • Less than 2%

    of goods are picked
    without payment

  • 0,3% fraud

    Exist in safe locations like offices.

  • 120°

    viewing angle of camera

We produce micromarkets on our own factory near Finland border, in Vyborg city

The history of the ex-Helkama refrigerators factory counts 105 years. Since 1916, Finn Heikki Helkama produced household appliances here under the Helkama brand. In 2021, Briskly acquired the factory from the "Trust Bank", and established a full cycle of production of smart micromarkets.

Business Dashboard

Manage all micromarkets through Briskly Business account.

It contains all analytics about sales, storage and goods. You will find out the amount of checks, popular goods, best promotions and other info, that will help you to increase your sales.

Add new products and manage promotions in a few clicks. Create promocodes for new customers and send push notifications to users.

Use promo-materials from the "Goods" section to launch a local campaign and attract the first customers.

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Who writes about us

  • How do stores work without cashiers and how much does it cost?

  • "Platypus" will open a network of vending machines

  • The Trust has sold the refrigeration plant to the IT company Briskly

  • Russian grocery stores introduce payment by cash register


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